A2 Size (420mm x 594mm), Color | 5 PCS Per Set

For organization and business owners that want to create Housekeeping awareness in the Workplace.

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Does Your Workplace Ever Encounter Any Of The Following Scenarios?

  • Messy workplaces that may cause products to get mixed up and create quality issues.
  • Inadequate storage space, causing walkways to be blocked.
  • Workers unconcerned about the cleanliness of the workplace.
  • Unorganized document archives, causing longer retrieval time.
  • Disorganized storage of items, causing them to go missing.
  • Spillages of water or oil on the floor creating an unsafe work environment.
  • … and more.

How ‘5S Into Action’ Posters Create Good Housekeeping Awareness at Your Workplace

Not yet started 5S?

Workers will receive 5S housekeeping awareness through the easily understandable illustrations that are shown in each ‘5S Into Action’ poster. The messages that the posters carry will alert them to areas in which they could improve.

Newly Initiated 5S Program

The ‘5S Into Action’ set consist of 5 posters that explain, step by step, how to carry out each of the 5S activities (Sort, Arrange, Clean, Maintain, Discipline). It will guide your workers through the implementation of 5S in the workplace.

The 5S Implementation Stage

The ‘5S Into Action’ posters will help to enhance your workers’ techniques during the 5S implementation stage. The messages on the posters will help to get everyone involved in 5S activities.

Success Implementing 5S

You will be happy to put these ‘5S Into Action’ posters around your workplace, because it will help you to sustain 5S awareness. They will be your 5S promotion materials for the next 5S campaign.


The ‘5S Into Action’ poster set retails for RM300, but we are now giving away FREE, limited to one set per company.

We just ask that you cover the shipping and handling costs to receive it for just RM15 (West M’sia)/ RM25 (East M’sia).

We Pay For The Posters, You Cover Shipping


Alex Yap

Alex Yap

Trainer | Consultant | EcoLean Consultancy Sdn Bhd

Alex Yap has over 20 years hands-on experience in industry. He has conducted training and consultancy work in 13 countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Fiji, Columbia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Alex is a Technical Expert (Asian Productivity Organization) and Certified Productivity Specialist (Malaysia Productivity Corporation). 

FAQ (Frequent Asks Questions)

How much does the ‘5S Into Action’ poster series cost?

The retail price is RM300 per set, but we are now giving away a FREE set per company (valid registered companies located in MALAYSIA only). You will only pay the shipping and handling fees of RM15 (West Msia)/ RM25 (East M’sia), for the set to be shipped to your office.

Why are we offering this FREE ‘5S Into Action’ Poster Set?

The ‘5S Into Action’ posters, designed by Alex Yap, are based on his 5S implementation experience. If you have benefitted from the posters, it enhances his credibility, and you may be interested in joining his forthcoming online 5S training and/or in-house workshop.

How do I get the FREE ‘5S Into Action’ Poster Set?

The FREE ‘5S Into Action’ poster set will be ready to ship after MCO. Click to register, pay the shipping and handling fee of RM15 (West M’sia)/ RM25 (East Msia), and be the first to receive it! Remember, we have a very limited number of set to give away, don’t be left behind.

What shall I do with the FREE ‘5S Into Action’ Posters?

The 5S Poster set has been created in a series of Sort, Arrange, Clean, Maintain and Discipline activities. Display it on the wall at workplace, production floor, warehouse/store, or any place that staff regularly visit, as an awareness of WHY 5S is needed and HOW to implement it.

We Pay For The Posters, You Cover Shipping

What People Are Saying

Memberi idea bagaimana melakukan 5S di tempat kerja dengan teratur.

Muhamad Faiq Bin Ibrahim

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Belajar cara senang untuk jaga keadaan kebersihan dan teratur.

Selvathurai A/L Krishnasamy

Taiko Bleaching Earth Sdn Bhd

I can understand the objective of 5s and improve my daily task.

Nur Aqilah Binti Ibrahim

Terumo Malaysia Sdn Bhd